AdMaven's available payment options are Paypal, Payoneer, wire transfer, Bitcoin and Paxum.

Fees policy:

  • PayPal - AdMaven does not charge any fees. (but PayPal might charge 3-5% fee, depends on country of origin, PayPal account and amount)
  • Payoneer - Admaven does not charge any fees.
  • Wire (bank transfer) - Admaven charges $40 for bank transfers.
  • Bitcoin - Admaven does not charge any fees, but to get money on it we will send 1-5$ for a test before all transferred. 

All payments are processed in USD

Minimum payout for paypal and payoneer: $50

Minimum payout for Bitcoin is 500$

Minimum payout for Wire transfer: $1000

Your revenue, unless otherwise was determined with your account manager, will be paid on a NET+30 basis, meaning that the payment of October for example, will be processed on the first week of December.

Payments are processed during the first week of the month, if these dates fall on weekends or holidays the payment will be processed on nearest business day.

Important: if you haven’t updated the payment details BEFORE the end of the month- the payment will not be processed on time.

Update your payment details Here

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