To run this plugin on your site please follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to 'Plugins' category and click "Add New".

2) On a new page click on button "Upload Plugin" -> Choose file (Our plugin) -> Open

3) Click "Install Now" 

4) After installation, click "Activate Plugin"

5) After activation, in the left menu you will have a category "Ad-Maven push". Fill input with publisher's Tag ID and click "Activate". Within 10 minutes, everything should work and you can check a push in the site.

To Get your Number Tag ID- (How Do I get tag?

How to check if plugin working correct?

1.) refresh the site - clean the cash, see if there is push.
2.) Ctrl-U In publisher site and you should see script tag with "sw.js" in the code

<<download WP Plugin>>

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