In Ad-Maven’s platform we give our publisher full control on their optimization tools and settings - it’s important for everyone to manage their traffic and ad model’s – since you know your traffic best, learn about your campaigns and improve them. 

And it’s that simple - You can optimize your campaigns with a few steps in your site management platform, this can also affect your users’ experiences and your revenue. Following these easy steps of optimization can take your account to next level.  Take note – there is a thin line between high user experience and the number of ads you choose to display to your users – a high users experience is better for the long run, remember - sometimes more than high number of ads.  For each site there are a mix of ad model’s that can fit best with its traffic, you can always choose a few options in order to test which of them preform best with your traffic mix – you can also feel free to contact us for advice and assistance.

What type of ad models Ad-Maven specializes in?

As a top player in the ad-tech world, we are Ad Maven we are always facing the thin line between quality revenue and high user experience, with the past 7 years we developed top preforming ads to give our publisher the optimal tool market of their choice that will fit their sites needs best.

We specialize in several type of ad models, as you can see here:
Ad-maven offer numerous ad-tools for your site – from pop ups to lightbox, interstitial’s , banner and also recently a new solution called Native Push Notification ad model  The online advertising world is in constant change – with Google Chrome latest updates and non-stop new monetization tools, we are always facing the thin line between quality revenue and high user experience.

The new push notification ad-model answers both, a perfect mix, an ad format that provides a non-intrusive ad experience and great revenue.  For the push notification ad model please contact our support regarding tag details and optimization settings.

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