With Ad-Maven platform you can manage your traffic, you have now more tools to make your account and your campaign as you want. The overall process is that easy and available, and this will help you to create profitable campaign in very small time as possible! 

Just follow the next steps: 

  1. After you’ve activated the account, click to add a Site

Create New Site – fill in the site name, and your site domain (please delete the “/” at the end), vertical (it is very important to select the right vertical, in order to make the ads suit the site).

*To edit the site, click at home page – 

2. Add your campaign Tag – Choose your ads monetization. 

If you place the mouse on the picture you can see an expiation about the model. 

Pop/ Native push/ Push in page/ Banner VPN/ Push in banner/ Light box/ interstitial and Ad-block Solution. 

At the beginning of the process you can open only 2 sites & 2 campaigns for each site 

3. Tags Configuration - before you set up your tag on site, check the configuration tag.  For each model there is an optimal optimization that is already set in your tag – to change the configuration simply choose the “configure” option under the ad model of choice.  

*Feel free to reach out  to our support team or your personal account manager to assist with the best optimization for your traffic

4. Implement your tag: after you set the configuration and “save placement”. the code will be shown, you need to implement the tag by copying and pasting it in your HTML – preferred under  section. 

*You can always get the tag code if you press “Get code” (which is under Site management)

You are ready to start! Send your traffic for approval – the stats are updated every 24h at 2AM GMT+2 time – you can check out your stats under the Reports section in your panel. 

Looking forward to hearing back and take the next step!

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