1. Under “Home” section you can see your yesterday revenue, this month revenue and last month revenue.

2. In your publisher’s panel under “Sites management” or “Home” section you can see the revenue for each placement, just click “report” in the relevant placement row, this will bring you to the report section in the panel

3. Under “Report” section you can choose by clicking in the section: site, placement (one or few) and dates relevant.

In the “Publisher Reports” the publisher will be able to extract and generate their daily stats. Such as yesterday’s stats, last 7 days, last 30 days, this month, last month, and custom range- which can be the exact dates that you want- also using numerous tags simultaneously.

Choose and click apply → Get report

Apply and all the report will show immediately!

In case the search did not yield any results, the revenue is 0.

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